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Did you know that ..       

June 2018

.... 2 new two-horseboxes and a new Volvo FH luxury truck extended our car park

February 2018

.... after one month of quarantaine the first Akhal-teke horses arrives to Ecuador

December 2017

.... we established a health certificate with Ecuador. We are the only one in Holland who can prepare horses to Ecuador

June 2017

.... we are able to ship horses to Ivory Coast 


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Our team

A highly motivated and experienced team of grooms, veterinarians and transportation staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to welcome you and your horse(s) for a rest and to transport the horse(s) to or from Schiphol Airport and various other destinations.

We proudly present our team to you:

Jos den Blanken – Founder and owner of Amstel Horse Hotel

Jos has more than 25 years’ experience in traveling with horses. From 1988 when he was an animal-steward at KLM, he escorted and cared for all kinds of animals. Lions, giraffes, tigers and polar bears all belong to his wide range of 'customers'. But the bulk of his clientele have always been the horses. Like no other he knows how horses can react to a long and tiring journey. In creating Amstel Horse Hotel, he meets a need: an affordable place where horses can recover from the hectic travel so they can continue their journey well rested.




Jos is surrounded by a team of people who put all their efforts in making the horses as comfortable as possible.

Maria – Export preparations, taking care of the horses and transportations.








Linda - taking care of the horses and transportations.









Fem – Administration









Jan-Willem de Gooijer – Veterinarian, Veterinary Practice de Amstelstreek