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Did you know that ..       

June 2018

.... 2 new two-horseboxes and a new Volvo FH luxury truck extended our car park

February 2018

.... after one month of quarantaine the first Akhal-teke horses arrives to Ecuador

December 2017

.... we established a health certificate with Ecuador. We are the only one in Holland who can prepare horses to Ecuador

June 2017

.... we are able to ship horses to Ivory Coast 


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Welcome to the website of Amstel Horse Hotel. Our stable is situated in the rural area, just under Amsterdam and only a few miles from the highway, at the river Amstel. A truly relaxing place for horses. 

Many horses have been given a welcome break in their often hectic (intercontinental or European) tour, before they continue to travel to their final destination.

A highly experienced team of grooms, veterinarians and transportation staff is 24/7 available to collect, transport and take care of your horse(s). 

Call us on +31 (0)297 527594 for inquiries or reservations.