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Did you know that ..       

June 2018

.... 2 new two-horseboxes and a new Volvo FH luxury truck extended our car park

February 2018

.... after one month of quarantaine the first Akhal-teke horses arrives to Ecuador

December 2017

.... we established a health certificate with Ecuador. We are the only one in Holland who can prepare horses to Ecuador

June 2017

.... we are able to ship horses to Ivory Coast 


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Horse Hotel 

Our Horse Hotel is, partly because of its ideal location very close to Schiphol Airport and main roads, the perfect place to stable your horse(s) during a transatlantic or European trip. Our facilities and services are aimed to make the stay of your horse(s) and groom(s) as pleasant as possible. Relaxation and comfort are our main focus.

Our transit stables 

We host the horses in spacious stables of 12 m2,  equipped with an anti-weave framed door that can be closed. We will take excellent care of your horse(s). A highly experienced team of horse-staff and veterinarians is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to accomodate your horse(s) and take care of them.


Our Horse Hotel is located only 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport and 5 minutes away from the major highways. Several hotels and restaurants are in the immediate environment of our stables.


Accommodation for grooms and drivers  

For the benefit of drivers and grooms who want to stay close to their horse(s), we have a guesthouse with three lovely rooms. Each room has two single beds, a TV and WIFI connection. In the hallway there is a spacious bathroom with shower and toilet. Breakfast is served in your room.


Complementary services  

We like to make things easy for you. Therefore, in addition to our high quality stabling, we also offer the following services:

• We are available 24/7 for loading and unloading horses
• We provide (inter)national horse transport and can safely pick up or drop off your horse(s) with one of our luxury horsetrucks.
• We can provide assistance in making export preparations for your horse(s)
• We offer sufficient parking space for your truck or trailer.