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Did you know that ..       

June 2018

.... 2 new two-horseboxes and a new Volvo FH luxury truck extended our car park

February 2018

.... after one month of quarantaine the first Akhal-teke horses arrives to Ecuador

December 2017

.... we established a health certificate with Ecuador. We are the only one in Holland who can prepare horses to Ecuador

June 2017

.... we are able to ship horses to Ivory Coast 


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Livery stable – facilities

Our ‘green’ livery-stable has solar panels, which supply the electricity for the barn. For illumination of arena’s and stables we use energy-efficient LED-lighting.



Our boarding horses are stabled in spacious outdoor boxes with a size of 3.5 x 3 meters, equipped with an automatic watering system. In most boxes direct social contact with other horses as possible.


Our indoor-walker offers place to six horses and has rubber tiles. The walker has automatic programming with various training programs.





Lungeing pen

The round lungeing pen has a diameter of 18 yards. Thanks to the all wheater surface it can be used all year round. Rubber sides and night lighting provide a safe environment to lunge your horse.


Outdoor arena

The well lit outdoor arena (20 x 60 meters) will always be in perfect shape because of the all weather surface. Jumping poles are available.



Indoor arena

The indoor riding arena measures 20 x 40 meters and offers you mirrors and LED-lighting. The sprinkler system makes sure that the surface remains its good condition all year round. 


Tack room and pantry

The tack room has spacious tack-boxes and rug racks for each horse. Our pantry is a nice place to have a coffee and a chat and is equipped with wireless internet access. Also, we have a vending machine with soft drinks and snacks.

Washing place

The spacious washing place in the indoor barn has rubber floor tiles and offers both hot and cold running water.


Opposite the washing place we have a solarium with warm infrared lamps and drying facilities.